Dave Young

Founder and Director

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Dedication, vision, experience, and instructional skills are the criteria by which a defensive tactics instructor should be judged.

David W. Young III is recognized as one of the nation’s leading tactical instructors, and experts in equipment testing and establishing protocols specializing in Crowd Management, Non-Lethal Weaponry, Chemical and Specialty Impact Munitions, Ground Defense Tactics, and the founder of Water Based Defensive Tactics, and S.M.A.R.T. training series for educators, parents and youths.

He combines a unique blend of physical expertise, teaching know-how and a “hands on” approach to defensive tactics training, using anatomically correct techniques. He leads the class from the front and is an instructor that shows you how to survive – not one that tells the class about survival. His training programs are truly integrated use-of-force training programs that allow officers to learn how to smoothly transition up and down through their force options.

Dave graduated from his first law enforcement academy in 1985, and now has over 20 years of combined civilian and military law enforcement and training experience. He was a sworn corrections and law enforcement officer in the state of Florida and has served as a gate sentry, patrol officer, watch commander, investigator, Special Reaction Team (SRT) Team member, leader and commander in the United States Marine Corps. He has participated as a control system designer for both military and civilian authorities. Dave serves as a defensive tactics consultant for numerous police and correctional agencies throughout the United States specializing in disturbance response strategies.

His Ground Defense Program exemplifies how to apply known defensive tactics techniques to new applications while emphasizing Officer Safety. Dave’s Water Based Defensive Tactics Programs is on the “cutting edge” of specialized law enforcement training and the first of its kind. His ability to create realistic training programs is unmatched in the industry.

Utilizing the most advanced duty and protective training equipment, his students are able to “test” the techniques they learn in their actual working environment. Correctional officers respond to disturbances in cellblocks. Patrol Officers respond to bar fights, domestic disturbances and traffic stops. Tactical Officers deal with High Risk Entries. Disturbance Response Units respond to actual riots in progress.

In addition to his presenting and teaching abilities, Dave has been viewed as one of the foremost leaders of our industry in the research and testing of police equipment, and non lethal weaponry. Personally conducting and supervising the evaluations for numerous manufacturer, police and correctional agencies and branches of the armed forces both domestically and internationally.

Dave Young brings reality to training in order to create a believable environment that allow the participants to experience the stress of real world confrontations in a safe learning format that allows them to gain confidence in themselves, their tactics, and their equipment. In 2005-2008 he expanded this innovation by hosting a special television series for National Geographic titled, Crash Test Human.

This unique television show focused around Dave’s expertise on testing and evaluating everything from how cars are safe by personally surviving a head on collision, being trapped inside a car that was submerged under water escaping safety to being hit with hit with electricity, spending time in a Hyperbaric chamber, burning buildings, and a Police Tech series in which he wrote, and performed all of his own stunts during this shows.

In 2010, Dave founded the US Fighting Systems based on real world survival that is courtroom defensible, easy to remember based on “Gross Motor Skills”, and effective when applied based on working within your own physical limitations.

In 2012, Dave Founded Your Family Defense based on real world strategies and action plans for families to help management the safety of their families that work within everyone emotional, mental and physical limitations.

In 2013 Dave co-Founder of V-School based on utilizing the principals and concepts of real world strategies and safety tactics in bully management, enhanced safety programs for teacher, staff and educators.