Dave Young

Founder and Director

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Experienced – Field Proven – Real-world

These are the 3 words that describe Dave Young

A former corrections and police officer in the state of Florida and a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps – and that is his professional side. In his personal life Dave has lived in some of the most violent places in the United States, growing up in Hialeah, FL during the Mariel, Cuba Boat lift, working as a shoplifting agent in Compton-Inglewood and Watts, CA his real world battles in and on the streets has given him an edge he willingly shares with others.

Traveling around the world to teach and present his material to places Singapore throughout the South of Asia, Japan, throughout Hanover, Berlin, Frankfort in Germany, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, to the various regions of Africa like Lagos, Nigeria, Liberia. Dave has literally trained tens of thousands of professional around the globe.

Dave has been seen on national television hosting shows for National Geographic, featured in CNN and Fox and Friends as an expert in police survival, has been in several national publications like People Magazine, Esquire, the Wall Street Journal, Black Belt Magazine, Police Magazine and authored hundreds.

Dave delivers information that is vital to public safety and corporate professionals in:

  • Personal safety and awareness – covering your home, family and work place
  • Combating Teen Bullying – at home, in school and other social gatherings
  • Surviving the Bully in the work place
  • How to conduct risk assessments for educational institutions, homes and the workplace
  • Staying safe at Social Events and other public gatherings
  • How to win – real world encounters both, verbally, physically and in the courtroom